Santiago, Chile

August 9-13, 2015

The 38th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference

Detailed Program

SIGIR 2015 Program

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
08:00 Registration
08:30 Registration Registration Registration
09:00 Tutorials (morning) Doctoral consortium (morning) Opening Technical session 4 Registration Workshops session 1
09:30 Salton award keynote
Chair: Charlie Clarke
University of Waterloo
Keynote: Chengxiang Zhai
Chair: Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Yahoo Labs
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 Tutorials (morning) Technical session 1 Technical session 5 Technical session 7 Industry session 1 Workshops session 2
12:30 Lunch Student lunch (by invitation) Lunch SIGIR Business meeting Lunch
14:30 Tutorials (afternoon) Doctoral consortium (afternoon) Technical session 2 Technical session 6 Technical session 8 Industry session 2 Workshops session 3
16:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:30 Tutorials (afternoon) Technical session 3 Posters & demo session Technical session 9 Industry session 3 Workshops session 4
17:30 Panel: Having impact on industry from academia
18:00 Reception
20:00 Banquet Tutorials: 6 in parallel,
Technical: 3 in parallel,
Workshops: 7 in parallel

Technical sessions

Monday morning

Assisting the search

  • Exploring Session Context using Distributed Representations of Queries and Reformulations
    Bhaskar Mitra
  • An Eye-Tracking Study of Query Reformulation
    Carsten Eickhoff, Sebastian Dungs, Vu Tran
  • Differences in the Use of Search Assistance for Tasks of Varying Complexity
    Rob Capra, Jaime Arguello, Anita Crescenzi, Emily Vardell


  • Dynamic Query Modeling for Related Content Finding
    Daan Odijk, Edgar Meij, Isaac Sijaranamual, Maarten de Rijke
  • Image-based recommendations on styles and substitutes
    Julian McAuley, Christopher Targett, Qinfeng Shi, Anton van den Hengel
  • Semi-supervised Hashing with Semantic Confidence for Large Scale Visual Search
    Yingwei Pan, Ting Yao, Houqiang Li, Chong Wah Ngo, Tao Mei

Efficient algorithms

  • Optimal Aggregation Policy for Reducing Tail Latency of Web Search
    Jeong-Min Yun, Yuxiong He, Sameh Elnikety, Shaolei Ren
  • QuickScorer: a Fast Algorithm to Rank Documents with Additive Ensembles of Regression Trees
    Claudio Lucchese, Franco Maria Nardini, Salvatore Orlando, Raffaele Perego, Nicola Tonellotto, Rossano Venturini
  • High Quality for SimRank-Based Similarity Search
    Yu Weiren

Monday afternoon

Diversity and bias

  • Summarizing Contrastive Themes via Hierarchical Non-Parametric Processes
    Zhaochun Ren, Maarten de Rijke
  • Splitting Water: Precision and Anti-Precision to Reduce Pool Bias
    Lipani Aldo, Lupu Mihai, Allan Hanbury
  • Learning Maximal Marginal Relevance Model via Directly Optimizing Diversity Evaluation Measures
    Long Xia, Jun Xu, Yanyan Lan, Jiafeng Guo, Xueqi Cheng


  • Analyzing User’s Sequential Behavior in Query Auto-Completion via Markov Processes
    Liangda Li, Hongbo Deng, Anlei Dong, Yi Chang, Hongyuan Zha, Ricardo Baeza-Yates
  • Learning by Example: training users through high-quality query suggestions
    Morgan Harvey, David Elsweiler, Claudia Hauff
  • adaQAC: Adaptive Query Auto-Completion via Implicit Negative Feedback
    Aston Zhang, Amit Goyal, Weize Kong, Hongbo Deng, Anlei Dong, Yi Chang, Carl A. Gunter, Jiawei Han


  • A Random Walk Model for Optimization of Search Impact in Web Frontier Ranking
    Giang Tran, Ata Turk, B. Barla Cambazoglu, Wolfgang Nejdl
  • A Similarity Measure for Weaving Patterns in Textiles
    Sven Helmer, Vuong M. Ngo
  • Local Ranking Problem on the BrowseGraph
    Michele Trevisiol, Luca Maria Aiello, Paolo Boldi, Roi Blanco

Monday late afternoon

Search experience

  • How many results per page? A Study of SERP Size, Search Behavior and User Experience
    Diane Kelly, Leif Azzopardi
  • Influence of Vertical Result in Web Search Examination
    Liu Zeyang, Yiqun Liu, Ke Zhou, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma
  • Unconscious Physiological Effects of Search Latency on Users and Their Click Behaviour
    Miguel Barreda-Ángeles, Ioannis Arapakis, Xiao Bai, B. Barla Cambazoglu, Alexandre Pereda-Baños

Social Media

  • Multiple Social Network Learning and Its Application in Volunteerism Tendency Prediction
    Xuemeng Song, Liqiang Nie, Luming Zhang, Mohammad Akbari, Tat Seng Chua
  • HSpam14: A Collection of 14 Million Tweets for Hashtag-Oriented Spam Research
    Surendra Sedhai, Aixin Sun
  • Uncovering Crowdsourced Manipulation of Online Reviews
    Amir Fayazi, Kyumin Lee, James Caverlee, Anna Squicciarini


  • Relevance Scores for Triples from Type-Like Relations
    Hannah Bast, Björn Buchhold, Elmar Haussmann
  • Fielded Sequential Dependence Model for Ad-Hoc Entity Retrieval in the Web of Data
    Nikita Zhiltsov, Alexander Kotov, Fedor Nikolaev
  • Mining, Ranking and Recommending Entity Aspects
    Ridho Reinanda, Edgar Meij, Maarten de Rijke

Tuesday early morning

User models

  • Bayesian Ranker Comparison Based on Historical User Interactions
    Grotov Artem, Shimon Whiteson, Maarten de Rijke
  • Incorporating Non-sequential Behavior into Click Models
    Chao Wang, Yiqun Liu, Meng Wang, Ke Zhou, Jian-Yun Nie, Shaoping Ma
  • Untangling Result List Refinement and Ranking Quality: A Model for Evaluation and Prediction
    Jiyin He, Marc Bron, Arjen de Vries, Leif Azzopardi, Maarten de Rijke


  • WEMAREC: Accurate and Scalable Recommendation through Weighted and Ensemble Matrix Approximation
    Chao Chen, Dongsheng Li, Qin Lv, Li Shang, Yingying Zhao
  • Effective Latent Models for Binary Feedback in Recommender Systems
    Volkovs Maksims, Guang Wei Yu
  • Personalized Recommendation via Parameter-Free Contextual Bandits
    Liang Tang, Yexi Jiang, Lei Li, Chunqiu Zeng, Tao Li

Classifying & ranking

  • Efficient and Scalable MetaFeature-based Document Classification using Massively Parallel Computing
    Sergio Canuto, Marcos Goncalves, Wisllay Santos, Thierson Rosa, Wellington Martins
  • Listwise Collaborative Filtering
    Shanshan Huang, Shuaiqiang Wang, Tie-Yan Liu, Jun Ma, Zhumin Chen, Jari Veijalainen
  • BROOF: Exploiting Out-of-Bag Errors, Boosting and Random Forests for Effective Automated Classification
    Thiago Salles, Marcos Goncalves, Leonardo Rocha, Victor Rodrigues

Tuesday morning

Deep learning

  • Monolingual and Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval Models Based on (Bilingual) Word Embeddings
    Ivan Vulic, Marie-Francine Moens
  • Learning to rank short text pairs with Convolutional Deep Neural Networks
    Aliaksei Severyn, Alessandro Moschitti
  • Context- and Content-aware Embeddings for Query Rewriting in Sponsored Search
    Mihajlo Grbovic, Nemanja Djuric, Vladan Radosavljevic, Fabrizio Silvestri, Narayan Bhamidipati


  • Retrieval of Relevant Opinion Sentences for New Products
    Dae Hoon Park, Hyun Duk Kim, ChengXiang Zhai, Lifan Guo
  • Learning Hierarchical Representation Model for Next Basket Recommendation
    Pengfei Wang, Jiafeng Guo, Yanyan Lan, Jun Xu, Shengxian Wan, Xueqi Cheng
  • Parametric and Non-parametric User-aware Sentiment Topic Models
    Zaihan Yang, Alexander Kotov, Aravind Mohan, Shiyong Lu


  • Learning to Extract Local Events from the Web
    John Foley, Michael Bendersky, Vanja Josifovski
  • Rank-GeoFM: A Ranking based Geographical Factorization Method for Point of Interest Recommendation
    Li Xutao, Gao Cong, Xiaoli Li, Pham Nguyen Tuan Anh Anh, Shonali Krishnaswamy
  • GeoSoCa: Exploiting Geographical, Social and Categorical Correlations for Point-of-Interest Recommendations
    Jia-Dong Zhang, Chi-Yin Chow

Tuesday afternoon

Experiment design

  • Optimised Scheduling of Online Experiments
    Eugene Kharitonov, Craig Macdonald, Pavel Serdyukov, Iadh Ounis
  • Predicting Search Satisfaction Metrics with Interleaved Comparisons
    Anne Schuth, Katja Hofmann, Filip Radlinski
  • Sequential Testing for Early Stopping of Online Experiments
    Eugene Kharitonov, Aleksandr Vorobev, Craig Macdonald, Pavel Serdyukov, Iadh Ounis


  • Inferring Searcher Attention by Jointly Modeling User Interactions and Content Salience
    Dmitry Lagun, Eugene Agichtein
  • Different users, Different Opinions: Predicting Search Satisfaction with Mouse Movement Information
    Yiqun Liu, Ye Chen, Jinhui Tang, Jiashen Sun, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma, Xuan Zhu
  • Predicting Search Intent Based on Pre-search Context
    Weize Kong, Rui Li, Jie Luo, Aston Zhang, Yi Chang, James Allan

Tasks and devices

  • Leveraging Procedural Knowledge Base for Task-oriented Search
    Zi Yang
  • Personalizing Search on Shared Devices
    Ryen White, Ahmed Hassan
  • Leveraging User Reviews to Improve Accuracy for Mobile App Retrieval
    Dae Hoon Park, Mengwen Liu, ChengXiang Zhai, Haohong Wang

Wednesday morning

SIRIP: E-Commerce

  • Finding Money in the Haystack: Information Retrieval at Bloomberg
     Jonathan Dorando (Bloomberg)
  • WeChat Search & Headline: Tencent & Sogou Join Forces on Mobile Search and the Challenges We Face
    Chao Liu (Sogou)
  •  Structure, Personalization, Scale: A Deep Dive into LinkedIn Search 
    Asif Makhani (LinkedIn)
  • Bringing Order to the Job Market: Efficient Job Offer Categorization in E-Recruitment
    Emmanuel Malherbe (Multiposting), Mario Cataldi (Université Paris 8), and Andrea Ballatore (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Where to Go on Your Next Trip? Optimizing Travel Destinations Based on User Preferences
    Julia Kiseleva (Eindhoven University of Technology), Melanie Mueller (, Lucas Bernardi (, Chad Davis (, Ivan Kovacek (, Mats Stafseng Einarsen (, Jaap Kamps (University of Amsterdam), Alexander Tuzhilin (New York University), and Djoerd Hiemstra (University of Twente)


  • Actively Selecting Representative & Informative Queries via Submodular Functions
    Rishabh Mehrotra, Emine Yilmaz
  • Impact of Surrogate Assessments on High-Recall Retrieval
    Adam Roegiest, Gordon V. Cormack, Charles Clarke, Maura R. Grossman
  • The Benefits of Magnitude Estimation for Relevance Assessment
    Eddy Maddalena, Stefano Mizzaro, Falk Scholer, Andrew Turpin


  • Learning to Reweight Terms with Distributional Representations
    Guoqing Zheng, Jamie Callan
  • A Probabilistic Model for Information Retrieval Based on Maximum Value Distribution
    Jiaul Paik
  • Non-Compositional Term Dependence for Information Retrieval
    Christina Lioma, Jakob Grue Simonsen, Birger Larsen, Niels Dalum Hansen

Wednesday afternoon

SIRIP: Evaluation

  • Location in Commercial Search Engines
    Vanessa Murdock (Microsoft)
  • From Web Search Relevance to Vertical Search Relevance
     Yi Chang (Yahoo Labs)
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Online Evaluation of Search Engines
    Pavel Serdyukov (Yandex)
  • Incremental Sampling in Query Logs
    Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo Labs)
  • Practical Lessons for Gathering Quality Labels at Scale
    Omar Alonso (Microsoft)

Variability in test collections

  • On The Relation Between Assessor’s Agreement and Accuracy in Gamified Relevance Assessment
    Olga Megorskaya, Vladimir Kukushkin, Pavel Serdyukov
  • Assessor Differences and User Preferences in Tweet Timeline Generation
    Yulu Wang, Garrick Sherman, Jimmy Lin, Miles Efron
  • User Variability and IR System Evaluation
    Peter Bailey, Alistair Moffat, Falk Scholer, Paul Thomas


  • An Entity Class-Dependent Discriminative Mixture Model for Cumulative Citation Recommendation
    Jingang Wang, Qifan Wang, Dandan Song, Luo Si, Zhiwei Zhang, Lejian Liao
  • Scientific Information Understanding via Open Educational Resources (OER)
    Xiaozhong Liu, Zhuoren Jiang, Liangcai Gao
  • Inline Reference Recommendation
    Yuanhua Lv

Wednesday late afternoon

SIRIP: Miscelaneous and Panel

  • Lower Search Cos
     Dou Shen (Baidu)
  • If SIGIR had an Academic Track, what would be in it? 
    David Hawking (Microsoft)
  • Panel: Having impact on industry from academia
    Moderator: Jimmy Lin (University of Waterloo, Canada)
    -Brian Davison(Lehigh University, USA)
    -David Hawking(Microsoft, Australia)
    -Craig Macdonald(Universityof Glasgow, UK)
    -BarbaraPoblete (Universityof Chile, Chile)
    -Arjende Vries(CWI, TheNetherlands)


  • Islands in the Stream: A Study of Item Recommendation within an Enterprise Social Stream
    Ido Guy, Roy Levin, Tal Daniel, Ella Bolshinsky
  • Evaluating Streams of Evolving News Events
    Gaurav Baruah, Mark Smucker, Charles Clarke


  • Information Retrieval as Card Playing: A Formal Model for Optimizing Interactive Retrieval Interface
    Yinan Zhang, ChengXiang Zhai
  • From Queries to Cards: Re-ranking proactive card recommendations based on reactive search history
    Milad Shokouhi, Qi Guo

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